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Nuvia is the most gorgeous beautiful list trustworthy person in the world and bad ass but has no ass
Nuvia is Amazing
by Sub dog December 18, 2016
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Nuvia is the best person to be around she’s funny, cute, and nice. My Nuvia has a huge booty even though typically they have a small one. Nuvia is in love with music and down to earth she typically listens to music that suits her mood at the time. Nuvia has brown hair and brown eyes. She typically also likes to have her hair straight even though it is naturally wavy. Nuvia is an amazing person and a great friend (also a great girlfriend.) I love Nuvia’s they are the best.
Nuvia is lit.
Nuvia is cool
Nuvia is nice
by Val360 October 01, 2018
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She's a beautiful human being. She's ; trustworthy, athletic, intelligent, smart, sexy, and she's hot... but she can be a bitch sometimes and her booty lil:(
Woah she's a beauty I guess you can say she's a nuvia
by Supernuvia July 30, 2017
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