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When a female keeps calling, text-massaging, hanging around, or talking about a guy she has been lusting after. Also, they can exhibit this behavior by driving by said males' house, showing up at the restaurant where he works, etc.
"Dang, Lynn. You need to stop nut-riding Kasey. You know he has a girlfriend."
by Rhonda Q September 19, 2005
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Defined as a tremendous or massive form of sucking up.
It is called nut riding because to the majority of men a nut ride is most pleasurable if delivered by a woman whom he is promiscuously copulating with because he likes her. The woman gains favor of the man because she has just greatly sucked up to him.
1. You think Greg will invite me to his party if I buy him some NBA tickets? Not to be nut riding or anything!

2. Did you see how she totally complimented him on that basket? She was totally nut riding.

by Don Dax June 28, 2008
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To be a male that is inseparable from another male. (not in homosexual context) This contains to both males not going a long amount of time without seeing each other and also males using each other to further ones or both chances at sexual contact with females.
Garrett is out such an ass whore, he is nut riding with Beau again. (see ass whore)
by Gig Harbor June 14, 2011
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