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The hottest and sexiest girl at school. Can be shy but after you get to know her she wont be quiet! fun to be around and loved by all.
Pretty, energetic girl who care alot about her friends and family but all the guys love to be with her cuz she's got the package
Wow! Her behavior is soo like Nurin!
by pinkpuppy September 04, 2011
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she just a simple girl. a cool girl. cat lovers. music and earphone cant be separate in her . even she always smiling , dont mess with this girl !
" dude , who's the girl that love cats very much?
" owh , its nurin ! "
by yinnnn December 29, 2016
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Nurin is a very hyper & a friendly person. Careful! she might be kinda crazy, weird, & outstanding once you've met her;)
a very bright lady and one of the most famous kid in the school, everyone truly loves her fucking much. + she's a fangirl-ing kinda person:p
teacher: i'm confirmed Nurin will be one of the school prefect.

new student: wow , i love her
by smh bananas is cool August 01, 2017
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She may look beautiful, kind, nice, timid, cute. But in the inside, she ain't one. She's very clingy, and always very sensitive. She's very offensive if you get to know her. She likes to give a bitch face. She will badmouthed you. But if you're friends with her, be careful. You have like 69% she'll hate or be mean to you. And you have like 21% she'll be nice to you. But she'll be nice :)
Hi, She's nurin you.
by AloeVeraIsVeryDelicious April 22, 2017
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she locked herself out of her own room.Yes thats Nurin
She basically a girl who put her phone in the freezer
by Egg Megg Legg June 03, 2017
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Nurin is just an average girl that liked a boy who is 'an annoying, hard to understand, and short'... don't be like NURIN.
"Orang dah percaya dah"- NURIN
"K"- Haz Izz
by BTSFANGIRLNURIN December 27, 2017
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