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A politician of little mental substance. They have no creative solutions, other to increase taxes to 'fix' an issue.
Instead of looking to the cause of an issue, they only look at 'fixing' the symptom.

An example might be, sugar is causing diabetes, therefore the politician says lets increase tax on sugar, instead of looking at laws and regulations that might persuade people to reduce using sugar.
Another example might be, We have a problem with terrorism in our country, a nunka politicians solution would be to deport the whole bloody lot of them and lock up the rest. They wouldn't try and treat the root cause of an issue as it's beyond their mental capacity
The politician wants to increase tax on glue, so as to stop glue sniffing, what a nunka.
by ynneBBenny November 11, 2018
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He makes sweet love to alfredo noodles all night long, then complains to us when they taste a bit funny.
by Aquakatak April 18, 2003
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The strangest little man I can think of. Isolates himself from the rest of the world, where he attempts to live out his bizarre sex fantasies.
"Stop being a Nunka!!!"
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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