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A adorable male with extremely large penis. Nules ( a greek first/last name). Someone who can give it to a girl rough or soft. Knowing how to treat and talking to ladies with proper manners and respect
Before Nules Teased me with his large erection, he sweet talked me and let me feel like a princess.
by UnknownCaliforniaone November 03, 2010
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A Nule is a conjunction of the word new and rules, it implies awareness of practical laws and the joy of abiding by them or disobeying them in a new way and usually hilarious way.
"But officer, I was following the nules when I was driving backwards at 80mph, I wasn't breaking the speed limit."

"Baby, you know I love you, but that's just the nules of the game."
by theluckiestboyintheworld December 26, 2011
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