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1. When one has a serious hankering for some motherfucking chicken mcnuggets.

2. The act of purchasing said chicken mcnuggets

3. The subsequent consumption of the nuggs
by Nuggmeister General August 04, 2011
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The combination of nurturing and tugging while performing cunilingus.
I was nuggin on that chicks snatch last night and she was loving it.

I want to do some nuggin on Rachael Lilleys pussy flaps. She loves it when I start nuggin with my teeth.

Shes got big pussy flaps that you can be nuggin on all night.
by Lickalotofpuss October 24, 2009
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karma, usually in a good context
"Yo, yo, yo, I'm the icecream woman. I give you stuff so you feel good nuggin."
by Eebe April 28, 2005
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