Porn of people who dont have arms or legs.
dude what type of porn do you watch? Bro you got to try nugget porn
by joleeene January 19, 2017
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A myth some might say. The Holy Grail of Porn. Pornography in which one or both of the characters is a nugget; has no arms and legs. borderline rape.
The Porn King was awestruck when he found that his pornal-nemisis was recruiting Ethernopian nuggets for his latest rendition of "Nugget Porn Gone Wild."
by Jason Lewix September 20, 2004
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Putting an armless legless woman in a wool potato sack with a hole cut in the bottom of it as to resemble fucking a chicken nugget.
"man did you see that new nugget porn that came out? Dude got done with the girl and tossed her and the bag over his shoulder and walked away"
by DevilDog3235 September 8, 2009
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When limbless individuals have sex and post it on PornHub. The most amazing pornography. Made for all ages. 10/10 a must watch catergory.
Uncultured swine: “Ayo dawg, you like nugget porn?”

Me, an intellectual: “Yeah, not even gonna front.”
by XboxGTisAscendLogiic February 10, 2018
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Videos including two people with no limbs having sexual intercourse
Nugget Porn
by Fin Germie March 6, 2017
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When a guy films himself having sex with chicken mcnuggets from mcdonalds
Bro did you see that nugget porn on chicken nugget
by Hitler_did_8/11 August 18, 2016
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