when you take off all your clothes, stand on top of the toilet and take a shit mid-air. The sound makes a very loud "bomb dropping" eruption.
nuclear bomb
by the nuke in a snuke1 October 15, 2009
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A Bomb that can make a really big explosion that can kill a lot of people horribly. It's a bomb that should have never been invented and now should be banned. The punishment would be for a person to go to jail for life.
"he he he let's send a nuclear bomb to someone"

(5 minutes later)

"oh no they sent one back! we're all gonna die!"
by koolyman March 10, 2006
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V. The act of slapping your veiny wand upon your partner's forehead after orgasm. This should leave a white mushroom shape on your partner's forehead.
After I blew on her face I gave her a nuclear bomb! *high five*
by Johnny K February 08, 2004
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Nuclear bomb or nuke is like saying I have...(the sentence goes on) it's also a tobacco piece.
by Philosophical _kitten April 22, 2018
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