The sound/form of communication used by the Ewoks in the starwars trilogie's.
Ewok1:Nub nub!
Ewok2:Nub nub nub!
by Thomas Hines April 22, 2008
A word composed of both newb and nub. It's purpose is to point out inferior players.
BonChez is a nub nub at Gunbound!
by Divine June 30, 2004
To be on the Suck part of the food chain
"jimmy, you die too much, you are a nub nub"
by Matt Broad January 15, 2004
An alcholic lad who gives as good as he gets, but will have a massive fit in the process. Often seen with a pierre in local drinkin establishments
That Nub Nubs getting me back for calling him names by urinating in my mouth
by Nub nub1 January 19, 2007
nub nub- ashortend version of the word nubbin which is also a word made by fatties who wre too lazy to say the word nothing.
dude your gay to nub nub
by rob,dylan ,chris, and reese March 25, 2004
On the Battlefield 2 Scene refering to a friendly claymore/mine when a nub runs over it
nub: WTF *insta-punish*
you: OMFG WTF did you go for the nub nub candy?
by Dodoextinct May 16, 2006