A genre of punk rock that has yet to actually appear on the scene. The music is known for its extensive use of traditional "four-chord" punk riffs, nasal vocals, political satire, discontent, general profanity, and hipster bashing. It is best listened to when played loudly. This term was officially coined by a disgruntled English teacher in her mid-twenties, lamenting the loss of angry, yet fun, music to listen to while slamming into sweaty show-goers.
"Punk's dead, man."
"No way! Have you even heard Disestablishminternet play a show? Nu-punk proves that punk's not dead."
by cursexwords March 8, 2012
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A 2010s genre featuring music designed to invoke nostalgia towards original punk and post-punk music but with bland, vaguely political but ultimately meaningless lyrics designed to agree to their general listeners values, no matter what they are.

See: Idles, Shame, Slaves, Parcquet Courts, etc.
“Hey man, have you heard that new Idles song about how war and racism are bad? They’re my favourite nu punk band coz they stand up for what they believe in!”
by jckyboi March 31, 2021
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