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A type of Hip-Hop that gets popular through the internet from social media like vine, twitter, etc.

It is more modern hip hop. Normally hip hop songs with real instruments aren't considered Nu-Crunk.

It mostly comes from Young teenaged rappers who are trying to get their music out there by again, social media. Some get popular because of YouTube and even SoundCloud.

Although it is very popular and succesful, It is a genre that not many critics seem to like.

A good few examples of 'Nu-Crunk' songs are 'Watch Me' by Silentó, 'Hit the Quan' by @iHeartMemphis, 'Nasty' by Bandit Gang Marco and 'Nasty Freestlye' by T-Wayne which is a freestyle over the beat to the song that was mention before it.
Hey Harry, this whole 'Nu-Crunk' thing is polluting hip-hop.
by TheRigies09 September 02, 2015
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A type of Hip hop that usually gets popular because of social media and/or the internet mostly made by teenaged rappers or producers who want to get their music out there to the pueblic by the internet and social media. It has actually become a trend for a while now, since 2007 and was only named 'Nu-Crunk' in 2015. Although it has became very successful, critics don't seem to like the genre, mainly because of its repetitive meaningless lyrics that mainly include a dance or many dances that one can do. Another reason they don't like it is because the genre barely has any production element that you can talk about and is bland as ever to them.
Hey, have you heard of Nu-Crunk yet? It's blowing up the internet right now!
by TheRigies09 September 05, 2015
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