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Also nicknamed Biggie Smalls and Big, The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the biggest rappers (in terms of both physical size and popularity) in the industry. Biggie Smalls was killed by a gun-toting assassin in the late 90s.
He was an East Coast Rapper, and was loved by millions. He kicked awesome, dope rhymes with incredible ease, and made several albums. His greatest hits are "Big Poppa", "Going Back To Cali", "Would You Die For Me?", and "Juicy".
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 06, 2005
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Christopher Wallace. East Coast rapper puttin down for the BK. No one will ever flow like this man did....ever. u cant touch this man. check out this his gun talk freestyle and tell me anyone touches that. didnt think so.
You're nobody....till somebody....kills you. Much love Notorious B.I.G. much love. Legends never die.
by DJ aka the goat September 03, 2005
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Live from bedford-stuyvesant the livest one representin bk 2 the fullest.

Those words alone can give u the chills when u hear BIG spit them. Born in Brooklyn, Notorious B.I.G aka Christopher Wallace arose into the rap scene when Puffy found him. Dropped his debut album "Ready to Die" which gain critical acclaim and bought the east back when the west dominated the scene. Known for his smooth, brilliant lyrics and his storytelling abilities. He was at his peak before his untimely death. Was gunned down in L.A. After attending a party promoting his upcoming album "Life After Death". Which sold 11 million copies worldwide. Will always be remember in Hip Hop. Known as the greatest MC.
"Live from bedford-stuyvesant the livest 1, representing bk to the fullest, gats I pull it, bastards ducking when BIG b buckin, chicken heads b cluckin in my bathroom fuckin. It aint nothing"-Unbelievable

"Man I'll throw him in the beam, u grab the fuckin C.R.E.A.M, and if he start to scream BAM BAM have a nice dream"- Gimme the Loot

"Im sticking ice picks on the tip of ur dick, give ur testicles a swift kick, aint that some shit"- Whatchu Want

"Hard to creep them Brooklyn streets, its on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef, I cud hear sweat comin down ur cheek. Ur heartbeat sound like sasquatch feet, thundering shaking the concrete"- Who Shot Ya

Notorious B.I.G greatest MC
by realtalkcity March 26, 2009
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The best rapper ever to spit rhymes and create an image in your head.If B.I.G. was still alive half of these New York rappers wouldn't even be going platinum!Let's face it without BIGGIE and TUPAC rap is very wack right now!
Excuse me/flows just grow through me
Like trees to branches/Cliffs to avalanches/It's the praying mantis/
Deep like the mind of Farrakhan/A motherfuckin rap phenomenon!

The best that ever did it!!!
by Prophet of Truth January 08, 2005
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Hands down one of the BEST rappers to have lived. Born and rasied in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. Know for classic hip-hop albums such as "Ready to Die" and "Life after Death" A man to have "Brought the East back" during the west-coast reign over rap music. Arguably the GREATEST MC to touch the mic.
by Tim Shady May 15, 2005
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Rapper who challenged Tupac Shakur and took the throne atop rap music during Shakur's incarceration and after his death. Well known for his first LP, Ready To Die, and for his second and final 2 disc set, Life After Death, which sold over 11 million copies worldwide and was released after his death on March 9th, 2004. Revered by many as the greatest pure lyricist of all time.
Notorious BIG was a great rapper, too bad he was gunned down
by Rory Pornisicus December 03, 2004
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