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A fried potato pancake confection that appears to be a Jewish latka commonly eaten on Hanukkah, but is, in fact, not a latka. Latkas are only made of grated potatoes with eggs, a little milk, flour or matzo meal and baking powder, fried up in a pan using, typically, shmaltz or oil. Anything else is a notka. Examples of notkas include American hash-browns, Irish boxty, British tattie fish, Korean gamja-jeon, Polish placki, and Swedish rarakor.
The whole family was at my bubbe's house for Hanukkah and this shiksa my cousin is dating brought some soggy potatoes that looked like hash-browns. They were total notkas.
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by Zek J. Evets December 19, 2017
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When you wake up in the morning and someone starts talking about your exploits after a hard vodka drinking night with encouragement, you say "Notka!"
Vladimir: We begin the morning as we ended the night. I cannot believe you were able to avoid arrest last night.
Ivan: Notka! Have you buried the hooker yet?
by von groovy June 05, 2017
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