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An episode of Family Guy. The 121st episode of Family. In this episode, the Griffins go to a Star Trek convention and Stewie is angry that he didn't get to ask the Star Trek cast his questions. He then obtains blue prints to ask the Star Trek his questions. When he spends the day with them, they complain about minor things and Stewie becomes greatly annoyed with this. Meanwhile, Meg catches the mumps and after watching a religion channel after bieng bedridden, she tries to convert everyone to Christianity. Brian claims that he is an atheist and Meg publicly humiliates him, making Brian an outcast. Brian eventually sees the light and realizes how important God is to him.
Joseph - "I just saw a new family guy episode on TV"
Joseph's dad - "What is it about?"
Joseph - "You'd love it. Its about Stewie hangin out with the Star Trek cast"
Joseph's dad - "Shit! Why the fuck would I miss it?"
Joseph - "The episode is Not all dogs go to heaven, cause Brians an athiest in that episode
Joseph's dad - "OK IM CONFUSED"
by ConsterMcMonster April 02, 2011
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