A female that prefers the male endowment in their rectum.
“I went to Claire’s last week for a nose piercing because ANAL is MY FAV!”
by CLAY F. April 11, 2021
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A ring that you get in your nose. But if you're a guy it means you like big dick in your asshole.
Jonny: i'm gonna get a nose piercing
Matt: What you like dick or something?
Jonny: Yeah why?
Matt: No reason.
by GoRpr September 16, 2017
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Can be use to make fun of someone who made a decision to put some sort of metal on their nose; if said to someone, it could ruin someone’s life within seconds
Girl: I got a nose pier......
Me: lol nose piercing

Girl: dies
by Edgeboi69 March 2, 2018
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