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When a woman presses her breast (boobs) against a wall, her nose can not touch the wall before her boobs do, If her nose hits the wall first then she fails for not anything there.

To pass the woman has to have her boobs pushed against the wall before her nose does.
She starts the test by walking to the wall where the Nose Test is going to be done. She leans against the wall and firmly presses her breast to the wall. Once she does this if her nose is hitting the wall after she does this or if her nose isn't touching at all then she passes the test. But if her nose is touching before she presses them to the wall then she Fails.

For the Nose Test she touchs the wall with her boobs first and not her nose. She must be able to have some space between her nose and the wall. If her nose hits the wall first on the Nose Test then she is sent home.
by Lucifer's Twin June 15, 2011
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