1. Having the incredible ability, or talent to lose close games, even when you previously had the lead throughout the first three quarters.

2. Being the exact opposite of clutch.
When the Chargers lost a Monday Night football game, with a 24-0 lead at halftime, they were Norved.

The Chargers were Norved, when the Ravens were able to convert a crucial 4th and 29.
by Fire Norv December 5, 2012
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1. Contraction for "Norv Turner", currently the head coach of the cratering San Diego Chargers. Used to describe the pinnacle of dysfunctional head coaching abilities conversationally.

2. They've been Norved, e.g. cursed by several years of bad luck Murphy's Law, or just plain pathetic.

3. Norving, the act of being Norved. See FUBAR and AJ Smithed.
His team was beaten so badly, they must have been norved from the initial kickoff.

The norving is strong in that one, Luke.

All norved up beyond recognition.
by fujikawa October 2, 2007
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Norv is a word sprung up from the swedish word korv which means sausage. In the middle ages when people was poor they made sausage of other things as cabbage. Some scientists and researchers mean that they took away the first letter of korv to show it was not a real korv, just a norv. And the meaning of norv has later on spread to the Nordic countries as Finland where it is said that they make "Lördagsnorv" which means Saturday sausages.
Could we please have norv to breakfast today. It really is a blast with scrambled eggs and tomato juice.
by Pertyjons March 10, 2018
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