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Complete opposite of Brookfield, IL. Medium sized town in Central Ma.


A) Largest retirement home in Massachusetts

B) The place the new kid tells you he's from but nobody knows where the fuck it is so he just says "Middle of Nowhere" 90% of the time.

C) The town with a irl token black kid

D) Poor asf
"Hey man, where ya from"

"North Brookfield"
"Oof, sorry man"

Or more likely

"Hey man, where you from?"

"North Brookfield."
"Fucking what?"
"Middle of Nowhere"
by LoserKidFromShrewsbury May 11, 2018
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North Brookfield is a small town in Central Massachusettes that is home to slightly more than five thousand residents. Biggest attraction is the Brookfield Orchards. It is an old apple orchard that does a bunch of activity’s in the summer for family’s to come and hang out and buy anything apples, cider donuts. If you’re looking to gas up your car in town you better look else where because we don’t have a gas station, but we do have about 4-5 differnt places to get your hair cut. Unless you’re a “townie” don’t expect anyone over the age of 40 to talk to you because you’re probably just a “transplant”. Wanna go to the bar? Well there are like two in town. One is in the middle of a neighborhood and the other is open on sometimes on Friday or Saturday nights. There are 4 restaurants in town: Subway, Jim’s pizza, North Brookfield Pizza Palace and Statz bar and grill. We are also home to the Vibram shoe company which is pretty cool. The towns claim to fame is that McJagger once jogged around town. We have a big library that is maybe half filled with books. Most of the town is republican and some might be democratic. If you’re looking to move here it’s a nice quiet town, school system is okay. Although most drop out of high school to smoke weed and walk around town aimlessly. Also if you do move to town and talk to people who live in Worcester or Auburn and tell them where you live, they’ll cock the head to the side and look at you funny and ask where that is.
Person from Worcester: Hey friend or coworker, where do you live?
Person from North Brookfield: North Brookfield.

PFW: (looking confused) where’s that????
PFNB: Near Spencer.

PFW: ..........
PFNB: Near Barre, Brookfield, West Brookfield, Easy Brookfield, Oakham.
PFNB:...........about 20 minutes from Sturbridge.

PFW: OOOOOOHHHH! Wow you live far away! I’ve never heard of those places!
by Notatowniebutatransplant May 29, 2018
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