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The normons are like the mormons .....but normal. Normal being boring..... conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, or type. If this is you then you are a normon I am sorry you had to find out this way. You are evil just like The Mormons.

The normons believe an acient prophet complied a sacred history of normal and suitable behaviours, which was translated and published by the leader of the normons, the evil Doctor Phil ! Thats right I am exposing him! They must be stopped! They believe that you must be normal and uninteresting to lead a good life, they are an evil group who go around and force this belief onto other people trying to "save" them.
My cat got run over today, it is all the Normons fault! Stupid Normons!
by Team Amazing Version B May 11, 2006
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To become a normon, one must first be a mormon missionary. Mormon missionaries are know for going door to door and preaching the news of Joseph Smith. Some people believe the missionaries are messing with people so they have decided to mess with them back. They will let the missionaries into their home and listen a little bit to their message, then will excuse themselves and go to the kitchen, then will grab a glass of milk and take off their pants and underwear, they then will go back into the room with the missionaries with only a shirt on and holding a glass of milk and then seat down as if nothing is out of the norm. The mormons then have be turned into normons from that point on. Males and/or females can turn a mormon into a normon. It can be doubled teamed as couples also.
Dude, I laughed my ass out when I heard about those mormon missionaries being turned into normons.

Those normons will think twice before they enter into a unknown home again.

Kyle, you just missed it, I just turned two mormon into normons like 5 minutes ago.
by Not a normon July 17, 2010
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