The Discord server where the rock bottom of humanity gather to do rituals.
guy1: The "Normal" Group?
guy2: Don't you mean Hell?
by pet russian September 10, 2021
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normal but snazzy refers to the way in which an average person becomes a cooler kind of normal.

e.g) they aren't as average as everyone else and have a uniqueness to them that makes them stand out.

people who are normal but snazzy often have a passion in the creation and growth of sea monkeys and are often a virgin due to the lack of socialisation to the outside world, the sea monkeys are often grown as a replacement for a friend as people who are normal but snazzy are often very lonely. due to this loneliness they are found watching the Lorax in their free time.
person 1: hey look at that fucka, that kid is normal but snazzy.
person 2: bet ya the kid is a virgin.
person 1: i bet ya the kid has a whole family of sea monkeys.

person 2: yeah probably watches the Lorax with the sea monkeys.
by bigt1ddygothgf June 1, 2020
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Three words, Roblox sex, confusing friends, confusing yourself and mixed emotions, also colours, a lot of colours.
She is pretty, I would like to be Normal friends with her
by Balake CostaRica January 19, 2021
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A Normal Cookie is a cookie that is normal, that's no special thing about it. Which is exactly what make it special. So it's special while being not; the first creation of God and some would say The Greatest.
P1: 'What's a Normal Cookie?'
P2: 'It's a Cookie that is Normal'
P1: 'What's Normal'
P2: 'I don't really know'
by `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\a... October 21, 2022
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person who goes to sleep around a normal time and wakes up around a normal time. (Named after a now extinct parrot)
"I'm such a night owl!!!"
"I'll have you know I'm a normal Necropsittacus rodericanus."
by big Beebee March 26, 2017
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Girls who are for the streets. They are in no way wife material.
I hope my babe doesn't find out that I was with my normal dog last night.
by Not the normal one January 17, 2022
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