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A beautiful friend from somewhere mysterious. All reports mention they dress in light blue and have features resembling (white) Scandinavians, but with some differences. They are reported to have something in general to do with the concept of basketball. The blue-suits are benefactors to Humanity.

However, if you see one with sickly features and no color in their skin, completely ignore it and leave the vicinity immediately. No species can always be born perfect and some of all sentient beings will choose betray their own due to the nature of free-will. Likely the cause of these diseased Nordic Aliens, is that they tried to make themselves cyborgs and thus traded their life-force for pseudo-immortality causing normal bloodflow and cellular regeneration to take a back-seat. There have been very few encounters with unfriendly Nordics, whereas there have been many more positive reports of intimate experiences with friendly healthy Nordics.
Alex: "Bro, why and how is that huge silver frisbee floating in mid air down by the schoolyard?"
Pete: "Oh, that's just my Nordic Alien stopping by to return the basketball she borrowed. Every few months she comes back to borrow my basketball, doing Hell knows what with it, but always returns it inflated and smelling like frankincense so it is ultimately a win-win situation for the both of us."
Alex: "Oh ok it all makes sense now"
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by The Brickster August 19, 2018
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