Noodley (adj.) - The act of being similar to a noodle. An object can be described as noodley when it fails to adhere to a rigid pattern, droops, wobbles, or oscillates.
Have you heard that Lotus is bringing back some of their older, more noodley jams this year?
by Falkryx January 28, 2015
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When there's noodles on noodles, it is too noodley.
Murshidah: "Do you want noodle with your noodle things."
Jumara: "I'm already having noodles tho."

Murshidah: "Oh yh that would be too noodley."
by Neo is halal July 26, 2020
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to resemble the traits of a well cooked noodle, especially when under the influence of alcohol.
I drank way too much last night, I was a bit too noodley

you were such a noodle last night... what were you drinking???????????
by charles1211111111 December 02, 2015
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leaving a females legs feeling like wet noodles after sex. female gets out of bed after sex and her legs will not support her
i fucked this girl so good last night she was "mad noodley".

she was so "noodley" that she couldnt make it to the kitchen to make me a sandwich!!!!
by Salty protien April 13, 2011
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A series of actions that causes someone to take on the appearance of a mentally handicapped person. This action can also be used in mocking someone, or just staring at someone who has said something incredibly dumb. Can be used in conjunction with a noodle voice, or noodle face.
During class he was going noodley, mocking me at every chance he was offered.
by Oodle o' Noodle January 22, 2011
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When something is very squirmy and weird and looks like a noodle you call them noodley.
Dude 1: Bro you look so noodley today.
Dude 2: Yeah I know dude I hate it.
by NoodleTime January 11, 2020
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Basically, it means whatever you feel it means.
Happy: “I JUST GOT A NEW PUPPY!” “OH NICE DUDE, that’s noodley as fuck!”

Sad: “Hey babe, I’m breaking up with you for your sister” “Oh, that’s noodley as fuck”
by NeatBeans April 29, 2019
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