The noob with the least expierience. Somebody who sucks more than other noobs. Used as an insult by people, usually gamers, to say, you're worse than all the other noobs.
Noob playing counter-strike: Omg@#, How do I picks up teh weaponz#$?

Expert playing counter-stirke: Omg are teh noobiest!!@#
by Hackneyed August 25, 2006
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One who has very low self esteem or confidence. They usually are called a noob when they just get a game or have no in-game purchases. They may get cyber bullied.


A name of a unpopular YouTuber but the definition is pretty much the same.
That is the most Noobiest Noob I’ve ever seen!
by NoobiestNoob_YT June 27, 2018
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