The sound of gunshots in the old Magnolia projects of New Orleans, heard from a distance and thus sounding like a loud clap. Track by Juvenile, Wacko, and Skip that has nothing to do with a bitch ass cheeks smackin'...
Y'all hear that Nolia clap? Some shit must be goin' down in the jects, lil wodie pry jus got his wig split.
by HB VL September 18, 2013
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The sound and process itself of slapping together ones ass cheeks to make a clapping sound (usually directed at women), popularized by the UTP song, "Nolia Clap", named after the New Orleans Magnolia housing projects.
If you're a chickenhead in the club and you want to get down then twirk that ass and do the nolia clap.
by aempirei December 21, 2004
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when a chick slaps her ass cheeks together
an she doin the nolia clap without usin' her hands.
Do It - Ying Yang Twins
by AkumaGouki December 5, 2004
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