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N. Procedure by which a sports information topic is examined and analyzed in such great detail and with such great care that the reader is left with a feeling of complete confidence and tranquility with their grasp of the subject. It's often been said that the prep for a Nolanoscopy is the worst part of the process - requiring much research and creative thinking. The subject often requires sedation in order to reach the level of granularity required. Some instances have left the subject with a slight, temporary limp afterward and/or lingering soreness. However, when performed with the greatest of care, the subject will be no worse for wear.
"I can't go out for ice cream, I'm prepping for my Nolanoscopy."
"How can Mark Buehrle be hurt, Aaron is already halfway through his Nolanoscopy"
by Hooo-aaahh March 11, 2009
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