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An extreme type of electronic music different to Noize. Noise is what it sounds like it is. Different layers and types of static which are put together to create a song structure. It can be painful to listen to.
Turn the Con-Dom up! I just love those strange noise bands!
by hallucinogene September 01, 2003

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A person who listens to an extreme type of electronic music known as 'Noise'. Noise consits of different types of static laced together to create some form of structure. Noise can be classed as 'Anti-Music'. May probably also listen to 'Powernoize/Noize'. Powernoize is using the same concept of static, yet making it harsher and with a techno drum beat/a heavy drum beat of some kind. It can have a sound reminisiant of Harsh EBM (A type of Industrial). Cybergoths also may listen to a type of music known as 'Futurepop'. Futurepop is quite often a light form of EBM. (It retains it's 'dark' edge, whilst being light.)

A Cybergoth dresses in a way associated with the future or to concepts of what a 'Cyberpunk' may look like. A cybergoth usually has hair extentions (jokingly given the name of 'The Gothic Pineapple' due to the way the hair is worn) and will often wear Goggles of some kind (similar to that of a Rivethead). Cybergoths seem to have a liking for neon and clashing colours. Some also wear LED lights on their clothing or in their hair. Quite often they wear big big shoes.

Some have described Cybergoths as a mixture of Rivetheads, Ravers and Goths. Cybergoths will most certianly listen to music from one, if not all of the other mentioned subcultures.
Ahh! The noise that Cybergoth is playing is annoying me! Get out the Skinny Puppy and blast her with it!
by hallucinogene August 21, 2003

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A harsh sounding and extreme form of electronic music. It's sound can be described in both an effective and comical way as sounding like "large lumps of metal smashing against each other, forming some form of techno-esque drum beat, while someone rakes their nails down a chalkboard."
I don't like happy hardcore, but I love Noize.
by hallucinogene September 01, 2003

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