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The demeaning term that some wealthy and successful African-Americans use to refer to less fortunate African-Americans who are not upwardly mobile because of poverty, poor education, incarceration and hopelessness. The term is often used by African-American celebrities who have first generation wealth and want to distance themselves from poor African-Americans in the inner city and ingratiate themselves with their wealthy white friends.
I want nothing to do with Nogros because they make all black people look bad. I made it because of all my hard work and brilliance, so why can't they follow my path. poor blacks, inner city, poverty, joblessness, hunger, African-Americans, mass incarceration, Bill Cosby
by joecoolthefool April 30, 2015
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Norwegians who act black
"Man I'm sick of those damn Nogro's pimping out their viking boats and shit"
by D Sleez May 30, 2005
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