Made popular by rap artist SKVIII the no rap cap is one above no cap, you cannot lie when you swear on the no rap cap
Perry: bro i just met lil yachty !

Daniel: dude are u capping?

Perry: no rap cap i met lil boat

Daniel: aight ur not lying , that’s hype
by Sawyerrr November 10, 2019
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Saying something in a song you wouldn’t do in real life
He is not about that what he rapping bout it’s all rap cap
by Pedac June 13, 2018
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No cap basically mean that their not lying or capping like they did something.

Sometimes ppl write it like this🙅🏽 ♀️🧢or 🚫🧢 different ways
Catherine: Jake no way are you fr you died during hazing?
Jake: No Rap cap 😵
by Da Jake snake September 21, 2019
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