Boy with them red braids, fuck that lyrical shit my nigga
Its lil boat
Boat just bought a brand new 40
by Reggie the norm April 5, 2016
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One of the greatest new rappers of 2016, also one of the XXL Freshmen.
No wonder Renzo likes Lil Boat, he's a great rapper!
by notlilboat March 30, 2017
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rapper lil yachty's nickname. famous for hit singles like minesota, one night and i spy
Dre: My nigga!! lil boat raps are hard
leshaun: Ye they ayt!
by Dz mtl September 17, 2017
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To shoutout lil boat is to fuck a girl while recording it therefore shouting out lil boat
Alex : “Jan just sent a video of him fucking a bitch to the group chat
Jemson : “Yo he just shout out lil boat “
by Jlo3 September 22, 2021
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