A phrase meaning:
I'm not trying to come for you or offend you, but this is what its really like.

A phrase you add at the beginning or the end of a sentence that can be seen as negative to somebody, but its not supposed to be, and just stating the obvious.

Made popular by Qaadir <3<3<3
Ex. 1 - Girl! No Tea No Shade, but you need to fix your hair.

Ex. 2 - Girl please! I can't get with some one I'm not attracted to, No Tea No Shade!
by <3QaaDir September 12, 2009
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Tea is referring to "Truth" shade is like an opinion/diss. When you say this phrase it means you are stating facts, not opinions.
by Lacianga May 17, 2017
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Tea is the meaning of gossip and shade is in the form of a diss.
"Girl, did you hear how Raheim said that girls pussy stank?! All Tea No Shade."
by Cii June 11, 2014
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no tea no shade, 🚫🧢
taira and kyle no tea no shade
by lackell December 08, 2018
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A phrase that means the person is coming for and/or attacking someone purposely. The opposite of the phrase "No tea no shade" that basically means "No offense."
Usually said after someone says "No tea no shade" as a way to say that the person is actually trying to offend someone.
Alyssa: What you're wearing is all garbage, no tea no shade.
Coco: All tea all shade!
by lukkie September 05, 2015
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This term was coined as a catchphrase by the drag queen Jasmine Masters in 2015 and has had a large impact on her fans ever since. Initially, it means the same as "no tea no shade", but it just extends the same term and makes it even better.
"No tea no shade no pink lemonade, but that lace front wig looks like an over-processed toaster strudel."
by 24J.A.G24 September 16, 2017
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