A weak man's way of walking during the sacred month of No Nut November.

It is allowed but it can bring great shame upon your bloodline.
Man: I have not nuted this whole month. How about you?

Boy: I have, but I have a No Nut November Coupon. So I'm still in.

Man: That is fine, but you are weak. Grow stronger my friend. No more nuting for the rest of No Nut November.
by ThyNormalPerson November 4, 2019
There shall be no such thing. The counsel shall not tolerate such madness. Why is there a point of having a No Nut November when you have the opportunity to have a sweet release. If you use this you shall be punished if you are caught. We are Man the superior beings not pussies using coupons.
DefinitionNo Nut November coupon is a coupon having the opportunity to have a sweet release that will not be tolerated by the counsel
by The Counsel November 1, 2021