A territory where you are not allowed to boast or flaunt. Flexing is similar to someone showing off or "stuntin'"
Colin: "Hey Terrence don't you know Daquan made this place a No Flex Zone?! Take all those chains and watches off before he sees you!"

Terrence: "Oh god I hope he isn't around, let me just take them-"

Daquan: "Any last words Terrence?"
by Naj94 August 06, 2014
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Slang; Usually a party, but sometimes any place where one doesn't have to compete for women. The girls already like the guy and there aren't any other men there who aren't good friends, therefore, one doesn't have to flex to woo the women. The term was coined by the Ear Drummas with their song of the same name.
Whattup bro, I got like five hoes here and me, it's a straight no flex zone, so just throw on some clean clothes and come quick, we can probably gangbang 'em all.
by phantomvii June 05, 2015
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When one is attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with a female and said female uses her vaginal muscles to shut the opening detering one's attempt in any sexual act involving the vagina rendering the male participant "flex zoned"
Jon: I was hooking up with this girl and I couldn't get my finger in and then she told my whole band about it, it was embarrassing.

Chat: Yo, you got flex zoned!
by Narwhal Nation September 01, 2014
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A spot were you show-off or boast
Jake: lets go to the flex zone and show them up

Bob: OK
by Joyo128 September 01, 2014
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