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A " Nizer" is a typical highschool kid who smokes a decent amount of pot during the week, and even more pot during the weekend. They usually are chill and just want to have a good time.
( Setting = Party)
Guy#1: Dude whos that kid over there rolling that fat blunt??
Guy#2: Oh thats Troy he's a Nizer
Guy#2: Noice!
Guy#1: Yeah man.
by Cocaineblunts January 20, 2012
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Another way of saying womanizer.

A womanizer intentionally makes craploads of women know he's God's gift to women while at the same time unintentionally making even more women know the same thing.
Holy shit Manny, you took the hottest, sexiest, rudest cunt in the club home with you, and that fat ugly bitch I was talking to kept asking me about you. You are such a fuckin nizer!
by scruby January 20, 2007
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Nizer is a shortened word for womanizer. Also Nizing can be use if the womanizer is in the act of womanizing. Or nized can be used to the womanizer has past tensely womanized his victim.
Example 1: oh my god that guy Tony is such a nizer!

Example 2: oh my god he is Nizing her!

Example 3: oh my god ive just been Nized!
by draculano April 18, 2009
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A person under the age of thiteen that is extremely annoying
The nizer kept getting in and out of my car.
by RonJuan September 01, 2004
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