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Short, happy, and lovable. Loves hanging out with friends and has the brightest smile. Nice to the people who are nice to her, and doesn’t care about what people say about her. Shes loud when she’s with her friends but shy around the people she doesn’t know well. She’s very beautiful and has pretty eyes. She loves discovering new things.
Random person: “Nitzia, whoa. I never realized how loud you are,”
Nitzia: “That’s How I am when people get to know me 😉”
Random Person: “ I love that about you ”
by Shoompa poompa October 29, 2018
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She’s kinda pretty. Happy. Chill. She gives 0 fucks about what you think or not think about her. She’s nice if you’re nice to her. She’s helpul. She cares for others. She will try her best to not get you mad.
“She kinda is like Nitzia”
by 😑🤗🤔😈💩 October 09, 2018
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A fucking whore bag bitch who cheats on guys she is also used as a hoe she is a fucking slut
Fucking fucking hate her she is such a nitzia
by 😱😱😅🚗😅 July 02, 2017
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