"Yo you know Ewan Smith?"
"Oh you mean the nitty?"
by The nitty August 23, 2017
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-from nit. To be nasty.
Coined in the famous pornographic video "Nuts In Buts" in which the main actor is accused by his co-stars of being "nitty", because he wedges his testicles inside the headline actress's anus.
by Ton' March 07, 2005
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Where a womens breast is covered completely by the nipple. A conversion of Nipple and Titty
When we were on top of the whore box at the club last night, Artemis flashed her big ass Nittys.
by Ron Coobie February 22, 2009
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- Nipple-Titties. Tits so small that they only show up when a girl starts nippin.

- What a girl has when she obviously has no tits.
That bitch aint got tits she's got nitties.

I thought that it was a dude but it's just a lesbian with nitties.
by Linke July 26, 2006
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Why's she even bothering buying a bra? She's just got nitties, anyway.

After getting a purple nurple, Bob growled at his friends, "Hey! No twisting the nitties!"
by Nerdlass August 15, 2010
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