Beautiful, greatness, successful
She who lacks dependency on others
by nitra904 March 28, 2014
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this is what you say at night time on Merry Christmas...that's my birthday by the way. i love this time of the year where im from so much pure clean snow everywhere knee deep. feels so good and cold unlike the hot summer.
Merry Nitras and wonderful New year to you better than every year before combine. BLESSED BY ABSOLLUTE ALLMIGHTY GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL if you always good and not naughty. hehehe Merry Nitras AMEN AWOMEN!!!
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An Upper Nitra breakfast is when you make scrambled eggs , and then eat them from woman's vagina. May be used if there aren't any clean plates in the house.

All plates were dirty in the morning, so I had Upper Nitra breakfast today.
by THOTenkopf August 11, 2018
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"River Nitra" A river located in Slovakia. It was used in one of famous quotes from Meliško, specifically from video called - Melisko - Bubny. The quote is: "Si zoberem televízor a pojdem na Rieku Nitru pozerať!" - Translation: "I will take my TV and go watch it on the River Nitra!"
In Slovak : Je tu taký hluk že pôjdem na Rieku Nitru pozerať!
In English: There is so much noise i will go watch TV on the River / Rieka Nitra!
by Drasel August 6, 2023
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