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A Nitorie is often a cute girl who is obsessed with a lot of diefferent boys. She may or may not have been around the block once or twice. She is usually good friends with a Naomi or a Elizabeth. She is hardworking and is often known for winning employee of the month where she works. She is always there for her Naomi's and Elizabeth's and loves to create inside jokes with her friends. She has a jealous quality and sometimes treats her friends disrespectfully due to this trait. Luckily we all know the Nitorie's of the world are extremely attractive and have nothing to be jelous of. Nitorie's are often rebellious and defiant and love to break the rules even after they have gotten themselves into trouble. They are heartbreakers and they make a lot of boys cry. Nitorie's are beautiful and sometimes even "sexy". I <3 my Nitorie.
guy 1: "dude did you see that nitorie chick?"
guy 2: "sorry what .. I was checking out that Naomi girl ... she's hot"
guy 1: "don't even start with me man"

*starts a brawl*
by nitorielover December 07, 2010
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