The king of the imports.
Here's why:
Looks amazing
very tough to customize to the point of rice.
Makes all Civic 'tuners' *cough*ricers*cough* with their 'mad tyte whips' shake in their shoes.

up until the current model, Skylines had to be grey-imported to the US and modified by Motorex to meet safety/emission standards. that company shut down when the head was indicted on kidnapping charges. any Skylines (Pre-R35) you see will be either kit cars or Motorex.

now the age old question.
probably not. definately not in a straight drag race because, having FWD (or 4WD), they wont have as much momentum on the launch as the RWD Corvette.
also, the Vette probably handles/accelerates better. but until an expert compares them, we will never know.
Nissan Skyline GTR is an awesome car but the Vette is better, the Z06 is much better, and the ZR1 pwns all
by unertay ylineskay August 3, 2009
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An old sports car from the 90's Japan. Very popular with tuners and jdm fanboys, but not as much as the Supra or R34.

also known as Godzilla.
And here's Takeshi Nakazato of the Night Kids, driving tonight his 1994 Nissan Skyline GTR R32!
by alphanite January 25, 2021
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