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Nirah is a sweet human who can be quiet and loud. She/ he (yes it's a boy and girls name) is a kind and caring individual who puts others before themselves. They're great friends and will stand up for you because they care. They're great family members because they are helpful. They can really crack you up! A Nirah is a great human.
"Hey, is that Nirah?"
"Yeah, duh! Who else would be that person?"
by tsukiixo May 06, 2018
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A peng, sexy girl with vivid personality!! She's cute, funny, sweet, kind and can always cheer you up whenever you're sad. Nirah can even kill herself just for you. Her hugs and kisses are so good you would do it again and again! Seriously, what is your life without a Nirah? They literally make your life worth living.
1: Who's that cute girl over there?

2: Oh that's just my friend, Nirah. She's really funny and kind!

1: Dang, ima go talk to that girl. She be slayingg
by astrobbyxx October 25, 2018
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