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Nipple Sugar: Also known as "Nip Sug", a sweet tasting liquid substance that comes from the nipples. In females capable of producing Nipple Sugar, they can produce it at will by simply thinking it. Although extremely rare to find a female who can actually produce "Nip Sug", there is currently a scientific treatment that has been successful in over 25% of participants.

The Nip Sug Clinical Study is currently working with females between the ages of 18-25. The study lasts approximately 8 weeks. Side effects include: bleeding from the nipple, shrinking of the breast, enlarging of the breast, nausea, dizzyness. Death has only occured in less then 2% of study participants.
Man my girl sure can produce some great Nipple Sugar.

Hey baby let me get some of that Nipple Sugar.
by Nathan from AZ November 06, 2007
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