Cool, awesome, radical, new, innovative, different
"Dude, that new band is so nintendo"
by Adam April 16, 2003
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a cool gaming company. Everyone loves all the fanboy shit games with blood and violence and "wicked" graphics, but really nintendo is a better gaming company. They feature really cool systems and are really creative in designing games-who woulda thought of super mario bros. and all those coool little guys in a wierd world called nintendoland? I mean, c'mon its cool!
Nintendo is fun and not scary
by huggaboo May 16, 2005
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Without a doubt, THE greatest game console ever created. Period. 8-bit for life.
Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Metal Gear,Gauntlet, Mega Man, Contra, Bionic Commando... The list just goes on.
by PaT X May 12, 2005
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A catch-all term used by parents to refer to any video game console, including those not manufactured by Nintendo.
Parent: When I was your age, I played outside! I didn't have my face glued to a Nintendo all day!

Child: Dad, please. This is a PS3.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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Kick ass videogame company. Saved the industry in the 1980s, went downhill since, yet still are more profitable than any other videogame company (Yes, they make more $ than Sony does, because they actually make their own games. Today many jerkoffs knock Nintendo citing that their games are "kiddy" These are the same kinds of idiots that buy the Playboy videogame and think they're cool and mature because they only play games with blood and guts. A videogame is good if it is fun, and Nintendo doesn't need to rely on shock value, a la GTA, to make good games.
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the greatest game ever made ever.
by TheKlause May 12, 2005
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Only insulted by those who dont understand their history, innovation or excellence, Nintendo is making a comback in the present time (2006). They started out as a japenses card maing company 100 yrs ago, asd ar enow one of the three giants of trhe gaming world. The predjudice against them are mainly they are a kiddy console or that they arnt very good. THis is rubbish. Nintendo are beating Microsoft and in some cxases Sony in the he gaming market. THis is coming from a SOLELY gaming compmany going head to head against HUGE corperations, with extra-curiccular money spinners. Nintendo will endure and release the best games. Fact. Nintendo have never ripped off. This is impossible, as 90% of the games people claimed to have been "ripped off" have been made AFTER the nintendo ones. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT! Nintendo are quaality over quantity and any arguemtn against them will be won. Nintendo invented 90% of the technology and inovations in todays gaming market. We take on allcomers. Fact.
Microsoft: haha look at our new wireless joypad with a d-pad and everything!!! OMG why are you ripping of Halo with Goldeneye and Metriod??
Nintendo: *sigh*
by Flava February 21, 2006
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A: The games company that created Mario, Donkey Kong, invented the Shoulder Button, D-Pad and bought the world pokémon...sadly. A games company who are often underestimated due to the idiocy of there central fanbase, and stereotyped due to the idiocy of rival fanbases.
The company are still making games today, and are often overlooked due to a different and refreshing approach. Although they are prefered by some gamers for there innovation, who's willingness to take risks instead of churning out numerous near identical updates to once successfull games (see:EA) is often overlooked by the now saturated games industry.
The fans of Nintendo are often critisized for there single viewed devotion to Nintendo, which is true of many of them, who, confused by the superiority of the N64 still can't see that even though they have been devoted fans of nintendo for the majority of there natural lives, that other games machines exist to, (see:sonyroolzfor this in reverse) and that nintendo are currently screwing there loyal fans by forcing them to buy Game Boys and other needless apparels just to play there most "Innovative" games.

B: A Japanese saying translating to "It's In The Hands Of The Gods Now"

1: Nintendo are 7h3 |~0><0|~5 because I wish it was still 1998.

2: Nintendo are crap because I am as single minded in my devotion to sony/x-box as I say their fans are to them.

3: Nintendo are a games company who are prefered by some people, and not by others.

4: Nintendo stole all there ideas for metroid from Halo, which I play online due to the Origonal Nintendo's modem setting precident back in 1986, whilst using my joypad the size of a housebrick which has analogue technology, shoulder buttons and a layout/colour scheme stolen from a 14 year old nintendo console.

5: Nintendo, Sony and X-box are part of the console wars, a futile war between people who can't quite grasp the concept that no company is 100% infallible and needing reconpence for there own failing existance.

1: Regardless of people arguing about pathetic little preferences, Nintendo.
by Eden06 March 18, 2005
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