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1. The act of owning the crap out of someone at any well-known Nintendo game.
2. The act of owning the crap out of someone who has been playing a game, esp. any Pokemon game, substantially longer than you.
3. The act of showing a n00b from some game forum their place after they openly assume they have been playing a game much longer than you, denounce you as a n00b, and are rudely awakened as you fulfill the second above definition whilst playing against them.
2. Scott: Weak, I just got NintendOwned at Gold by you!
Me: *in an elongated, exaggerated ebonic voice* Sho' ya
3. __H__ wrote: lol you noobs should begin to learn the game instead of abusing the gts. You are proud of ur bebi Pichu + Volttackle? Thats a Joke isn't it?? You got that Pichu by trading unfair. That's why it is Trash. Because of Guys like you, GTS is a place of little Brats - which don't know how to play the game. This Thread is not worth reading.

Me: Look, I know the gameplay inside and out. Trust me, when you've been playing as long as I have, because I started playing back in the days of Yellow, played all the way through Silver and Sapphire, and even beat the story mode of Colosseum, trust me, getting a pokemon in a trade that I'd never ever be able to get anyways unless I was an emerald addict is not ruining the game. How dare you call me a noob, you can't call someone a noob until they either announce their stupidity to the world, or you own them in a game of pokemon if they've been playing longer than you. Think I don't know how it works, buddy? I got Silver three months after my friend got Gold, he beat the game, I took a month to beat the game, we link battled, he lost, the battle was epic, and he *almost* had the upper hand with his Meganium's Ancientpower, but I got tired of that crap and Flame Wheeled him. Show respect for your veterans, you poser-bandwagon little n00b.
by aka_Pyro April 30, 2007
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