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Kids, ever have parents walk in on you when you're supposed to be doing homework, instead you're playing a full-screen game? Adults, ever had a roommate/spouse/friend walk in on you as your viewing a hot A2M porno? Well then, you gotta employ some ninja fingers!
Mom: Timmy, are you doing your essay?
Timmy: *Alt+Tab* Yes mom, i am!

Rick(walking into Dick's room): Hey, did u catch the game last night!?
Dick: *Alt+F4* Yeah dude, that was awesome!

They both used ninja fingers to protect themselves.
by AspenW October 03, 2006
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The finger one uses to slice fruit in the popular iPhone game, Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios.
pdawgg: dude have u seen n3mesis's Ninja Finger? its like he's giving u the finger while he's playing!

gauravmehta: yeah dude he's got mad technique..

n3mesis: *takes a bow*
by [n3mesis] April 27, 2011
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A name given to individuals who go above and beyond the average skill for fingers. This name is commonly used to describe a lesbian's skill at fingering their partner.
Person 1- "So gurlie...I heard that you and your girlfriend had an interesting night! How did it go?"
Person 2- "Wow, let me tell you, that girl has got some hardcore NINJA FINGERS."
by Shiggity-wah January 16, 2008
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