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When you’ve played fortnite too much and you can no longer become erect.
Doctor: How can I help you today?

Patient: I can no longer get erections no matter how hard I try.

Doctor: How many Victory Royales do you have?

Patient: 498.

Doctor: You have Ninja Syndrome.
by metaldan123 April 15, 2018
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A childhood condition, usually temporary, in which the afflicted child believes him or herself to be a ninja. This condition typically passes after the child hits puberty and discovers the opposite sex.
Guy 1: Hay bob hows it going.
Bob: Not too bad Guy 1 but my son has ninja syndrome and keeps hiding and throwing stuff at me.
Guy 1: Well thats what you get for deciding to have kids.
Bob: I didn't decide, my wife just didn't get that abortion she said she was
by boomdog July 06, 2014
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