A large community in onslow county. Located near Jacksonville and Richlands. Home of good old fashioned people, cooking, parties, four wheeler riding, hunting, fishing, farming, a gas station, Grill, two churches. Not to mention one of the greatest groups of rednecks you'll ever meet.
Hey man lets go to Nine Mile!
by chevycamarors367 July 11, 2008
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Cheesy, Dorky or Creepy. Often used to explain men over 50 being creepy.
Lets steer clear of that place, I hear they're very Nine Mile Station
by myoduesp esp January 6, 2023
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A whiteboy who is in tune with Detroit street or music culture. Street names are used interchangeably (12 mile, 8 mile, 6 mile, etc...) but "Kyle" is immutable.
Kwan: Wow who is that handsome young man filming a music video for his hit single, King of Farmington?

TJ: That is Clooner. He is the King of Farmington. He is certified nine mile Kyle. Respect him.

Kwan: Oh, wow. He IS the King of Farmington. I will respect him.
by YoloKushMcBlade December 20, 2022
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