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NightmareRH is the username of an insanely awesome and sexy player of the game RuneScape by Jagex. He became famous around 2007/2008 for making gameplay videos of RuneScape, and since has made other YouTube channels most famously his Vlogging channel. He is thought to be the most famous RuneScape YouTuber to date.
WOW, i wish I was just like NightmareRH
by Hexcruncher August 11, 2011
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the funniest runescape player on earth ever seen. his every death in pvp usually costs smashing his own computers and tvs. when he wins he holds his dick of joy.
nightmarerh dies in pvp with claws: suddenly he comes back to his room.
-it's not my fault god damn it it's fucking jerry springer, jerry springer has fucked me again! no more god damn fucking jerry springer(smashes tv using hammer). holy fuck, shitballs
by disneyblood September 21, 2011
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