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When someone on the iconic social media platform, Snapchat, takes their shirt off and literally parts the Red Sea with their flabs. In the process they have this phenomenal cringe face and takes a picture with the caption: "Night Streaks". The person is also trying to flex while taking the picture and tries to somehow get fully ripped cuzzy. The person is dumb enough to put it on his Snapchat story and someone screenshots the horrendous pesticide with his shirt off and shares it to everyone.
Mum: "Michael, we're having dinner, come join us."
Michael: "One sec mum, I'm doing something in the bathroom, I'll be real quick."
Mum & Dad: "Is he doing "Night Streaks?!"
by moeydntworry June 11, 2017
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An excuse to send more streaks everyday, so that your snapchat score increases; commonly used by white females and is possibly the most annoying thing they do.
Rebecca sent night streaks to increase her snap score because she was so friendless that she didn't have anyone to send real messages to.
by Eli_E February 12, 2017
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