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A description of an individual that is attracted towards criminals
Get that fucking niggerlover out of here!
Kill that niggerlover!
by Synthetic.Cancer June 03, 2018
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an unnatractive scrawny white girl with a used up pussy who dates niggers cause they're the only guys who want her.
sari is a nigger lover cause she can't get any self respecting white man.
by smoopsy January 27, 2009
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Makes reference to the huge masses of WHITE young women (under 25) you can find in the "b-list" (higher end) night clubs of London that are EXCLUSIVELY attracted to BLACK MEN. (and will ONLY date black men). Characterised by being attractive, horrendously stupid, sexually filthy and with plenty of attitude (unless you are of course a black man). The more of a "rapper" the black man appears to be, the more the nigger-lover is attracted to him.

A sub-class of these women exists in the UK and everywhere else - most council estates and places where economic deprivation is rife - this and a combination of areas where white men are simply not particularly attractive/fashionable/manly as a group.
This latter point is essential to the definition as:
An intelligent woman with money who is dating an University-educated black banker, would *NOT* be a nigger lover. If such woman was dating a council estate black THUG she WOULD be a nigger lover.
"My God, the women in here are stunning." "yeah man - shame they're all nigger lovers."
by Sauron, The Dark Lord. December 09, 2005
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