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The abnormal flow or discharge of STUPID out of ones mouth.
Did you here what Joey did at that party last night? He got trashed and went around hitting on everyone. Chicks and dudes alike. Well, two hours, two girls, and three guys later, he went to pick up a crying chick that he heard just found out her baby daddy cheated on her while she was pregnant. He approached the room, and when he say down like an "entering hero" he noticed he was in a room filled with people he fucked while shitfaced, and he had slipped a pick pick up line or two to his own girlfriend. Talk about a serious case of niggarhea. joey just called and bitched about his check at Home Depot being garnished by child support. All I had to say was "shoulda wrapped up dumbass, don't come to me spewing you're niggarhea all over the place when it's your own damn fault you because condoms take the feeling away.".
by Urcookieismine June 07, 2013
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