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Black person fucks a Jew. Offspring equals Niggajew.
Niggajews are uncommon. I don't know of a single one.
Niggajews are the minorities to the minorities. Gotta give em respect though. I would love to be a niggajew just to say i was a niggajew.
by Billy Buttcrack August 05, 2011
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A black Jew with baggy jeans and a skullcap, often seen praying while high and/or shooting rival nigga jews.
Look at that fool with the skullcap on, ohh wait, thats a nigga jew.
by Dr Jones the Jew December 16, 2007
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1) An expression used to associate a cool Jewish person with another cool Jewish person.

2) A Jewish person with gold chains and new sneakers who is trying to associate themselves with the rap scene

3) <Rhetoric>... When someone calls you a NiggaJew, the proper resonse is JewNigga etc...
1) I'll be yo NiggaJew

2) Dude, check out that NiggaJew overthere, he thinks he's the black messiah

3) Person1: Hey Niggajew, whats up?
Person2: What's up JewNigga!
by Scott P. November 16, 2006
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